Colorado Springs Brewery Tour

Made another stop tonight but not a new place.  My friend Tony wanted to go out for some drinks after work so we ended up at Colorado Mountain Brewery.  Tonight I had the 7258 Blonde Ale.  Here is the description from web page

“A classically styled blonde ale, 7258 is a refreshing and balanced blend of Czech Saaz Hops and select malts. 7258 denotes both the altitude of the nearby United States Air Force Academy, as well as the attitude of Colorado and its residents.. “Far, far above that of West Point or Annapolis”…and the rest of the world. Approx. 4.4% ABV”

If I had to pick between the Blonde ale and the Ole 59er Amber ale, I would choose the Ole 59er Amber Ale.  Just my preference.

Are you interested in joining the tour?  Send me a message and I will let you know where I will be next.


2 Responses to Colorado Springs Brewery Tour

  1. Brad Morris says:

    Dude, you need to check out the Pike Peak Brewing Company in Monument, Chris Wright and Dan York are servicng up some of the finest hops and barley in Colorado.

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