I Am Not a Big Fan of Reading

I do like to read but only when the subject relates to my passion in life.  Growing up I had to read books because that was the assignment and some report was due about the book.  Even in college I had to take classes that really did not pertain to anything I was interested in and I was stuck reading material that put me to sleep.

I also would not consider myself a fast reader.  However, tonight in the matter of two hours, I read a 142 page book.  The book is by Gary Vaynerchuk and is called CRUSH IT!  The book talks about how to use the Internet to capture an audience and communicate to them using Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and the countless other platforms that are available.  But how did I get through the book so fast?  It is because Gary talks about passion, caring and being very real.

I have read other books about using the Internet to capture an audience, but they are just preaching there ideas and this is the way you should do it.  Sure Gary gives some very specific steps on what you should do, but he stresses that his answer is not the only answer.  He is just giving you a push in a direction and showing you what tools worked for him and helped him build his personal brand.

If you have read the book what do you think?


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