Yummy Healthy Juice


I just thanked Tony for commenting on my double chin in my last post and five minutes later he shows up to work with some carrot, apple, spinach and kale juice. It’s really good! Now I need a juicer.

Thank you Tony

Tony will probably never read this, but I need to thank Tony for pushing me down this road of getting healthy and losing weight.  In the back of my mind I knew this is something I needed to do, but had no real motivation to do it.  Eight weeks ago we took pictures at work to put on our customer records in our database.  Tony pulled mine up and the first thing he said was, “Dude you have a double chin!!”.  Right then and there I changed my life.  That night I signed up for a gym membership at 24 hour fitness and that weekend I purged my fridge and cupboards of all the unhealthy junk food I had.

Now seven weeks into working out and eating right I feel great.  I am now thirteen pounds lighter, I have more energy and I am learning about all the good and bad effects certain food has on the human body.

I will continue to blog about my journey and my hope is that the information I share will open your eyes to the way you eat and your children eat and how we can all live healthier lives.

Weigh in today

I have lost 13 pounds!!! 183.5 today.

108% ROI in 10 Months and a total three-year benefit of $859,247

Yes I am promoting the company I work for, Cherwell Software.  108% ROI and a three year benefit of $859,247.  Why would you not want to buy our product for your service desk.

Check out the full story here 108% ROI in 10 Months and a total three-year benefit of $859,247.

Root Beer Milk

Ok the root beer milk is sooooooooooooooo GOOD!!!!!  Probably not on my diet, but I do get a free day each week.  I wonder if my kids will like this.

Root Beer Milk


I was at Whole Foods tonight and found this. I like root beer and milk so I thought it must be good. I will let you know.

Weigh In Today

Starting week six I am at 186.  Slowly but surely I will make it to 170.

Horrified ‘Undercover Boss’ shuts down restaurant

I am not a fan of fast food but I am a fan of people that take care of there employees.  This CEO does the right thing, by shutting down his restaurant  for the night and reopens the next day with a new management.  The Clicker – Horrified ‘Undercover Boss’ shuts down restaurant.

Why you should stop calling today Presidents’ Day


Why you should stop calling today Presidents’ Day – CSMonitor.com.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

I calculated my BMI today and I am over weight!!! Duh, I already knew that.  My goal is to get to 170 and even at that weight I am still over weight.  Once I get down to the 160 range I will be at normal weight.  Check out the calculator and see where you are at .  http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/bmicalc.htm

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