Do you ever need to weigh the pros and cons when making a decision in life or at work. Check out this blog post and the link to the document to help you make your decision.

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Do I kill the guy in my basement or not? It is a strange question indeed. Each potential answer—yes or no—has significant consequences—good and bad.

So what’s a high school chemistry teacher to do?

This is where we find Walter White in a first season episode of Breaking Bad.  Following a series of strange events, the unfortunate drug dealer found himself with a u-shaped lock around his neck, secured to a support column. He couldn’t stay there forever. Walt had a decision to make.

Do I kill him or not?

This was undoubtedly a big decision for Walt. One that required some thought. To help himself make the best possible decision, Walt made a pros and cons list.

A pros/cons list is a way to visually identify the relative risks and benefits of each possible answer to a question.

In the cons column he writes: murder is wrong, I’ll have PTSD…

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