Late 2007 early 2008 I got the bug to go out and buy a metal detector.  I am not sure what lead me to buying one, but the thought was it would help find buried treasure in Colorado.  So far the metal detector has found me a few bucks in change at the local part and last summer and  Blake dug up some trash from the early 1950’s while we were out camping last year.  Blake found an old Pepsi bottle and a tin coffee can that was full of newspaper adds from the 50’s that just disintegrated as you touched it.

Shortly after buying the metal detector and heading out it was not the metal detector that helped me discover a possible treasure site.  I can not and will not disclose the location of the site, so please do not ask.  I needed to stop and tie me shoe while we are out.  While tying my shoe, I glanced to the right I saw this.  Now you may or may not just see a rock but there is something there.





Since this day I have been intrigued by the tales of buried treasure in Colorado and Spanish explorers in America.  The other day on a page I follow on Facebook I found a book called “The Hooked X”, written by Scott F. Wolter.  It states that it is the key to the secret history of North America.  Hopefully it is a good read and I will share here on my blog as I read through it.




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