The Last 10 Lbs

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6. Big Plates

Simple logic behind this one; the bigger the plate, the more you’re likely to pile on it. To help with portion control, use smaller plates. Especially at buffet restaurants.

7. Not Building Muscle.

There is an art behind muscle building. For men, due to their high testosterone levels,  it’s easier, but not necessarily straight forward. You won’t build muscle from doing the same exercises, same weights, and same reps over and over again. Change up your program, and make sure you focus on hypertrophy, not endurance or strength. For women, don’t be afraid to pick up the weights. Muscle burns fat. The more muscle you have the more your body will be working, the more fat you will burn. Men have90% more testosterone than we do, so it is extremely hard, almost impossible for us ladies to bulk up. So…

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