Black Friday

How many of you out there are going to brave black Friday?

O wait I was just corrected, black Friday is creeping up even earlier this year!!!  Target and Walmart are running their sales even earlier now.  Personally I like staying home and spending time with my family and sleeping in.  With so many deals out there today I do not see the need to go shopping with all the other crazies.  Plus I do not need to be trampled trying to get into the store.


One Response to Black Friday

  1. grndmachris says:

    No way would I subject myself to that chaos. I actually just finished a blog on black friday that you might enjoy, check it out. I also work on black fridays because it is the most peaceful day of the years in our office, no phone calls or emails, I can even do some cyber shopping…because all of my clients are out on the streets partaking of the misery.

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