Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

I wast just listening to an interview that Gary Vaynerchuk did the other day and he made a statement that happy employees makes happy customers.  I could not agree more.  Every day I get to work for Cherwell Software were this mentality is instilled in the company starting with the CEO.  The company is all about taking care of the employees and they know if they take care of the employees, the employees are going to take care of the customers.  I see this happen every day.  It can be a simple support call from a customer with a how to question.  We take pride in answer these types of call because we  know it is solving a crucial piece of the customers business process.  Now on the other side of the spectrum we get customers that are not happy with the service they received.  When this happens this really bugs me and as an employee that I know the company cares about, I will pick up the phone and call the customer to see what happened to make them so upset. The shocker of the whole situation is though, the customer is elated that we picked up the phone to call them about the bad experience.  We usually get a response that companies do not do this, but you do.  That type of caring makes a customer for life, and customer for life makes happy employees.


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