When kids teach

This past weekend my 12 year old son was able to teach me something I did not know.  I am a life long learner.  If I am not learning something new, I usually get bored.  Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a techie.  Anything math, computer or car related I can figure out.  I am also pretty handy around the house. 

I am not sure how to put this in words, but my 12 year old, who struggles in school, usually is bored and does not want to do anything, comes to me and says “Dad, let me show you what I am learning in school”.  I jump on this opportunity to connect with him.  So I guess the  word to describe this is “EXCITED”.  My son teaching me something..  WOW!!  Maybe that is two words now.

In one of his electives, they are learning about 3D models and how to draw shapes.  Part of the curriculum is to use SketchUp.  We download SketchUp,and within about 3 minutes he is showing me how to show certain tool-bars, what each tool does and how to draw 3D models.  WOW!!!  

I encourage everyone that reads my blog, to find those little things that matter to your kids and make them a reality.  No matter how silly or small it might be.  That one sentence from my son “Dad, let me show you what I am learning in school”, will be a major point in his life that will help shape who he is in the future.

Thanks for reading and learn from your kids.

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