Coffee Substitutes (Healthy and Caffeine Free)

I kicked caffeine the beginning of this year and I am glad I did.  Who else is trying to kick caffeine?  Shae recently just kicked diet mt dew.  It is hard at first to fight the cravings, but once you are off it for a while it gets easier.  Here is a good article on some coffee substitutes.


Coffee Substitutes (Healthy and Caffeine Free).

A Visual View of Caffeine

I gave up caffeine in January of this year.  Since then my body feels so much better.  I have had  caffeine a few times since then and it really throws me out of wack.  How does caffeine effect you?



A Visual View of Caffeine.


As part of my new eating habits and workout, I have  decided to cut caffeine out of my diet.  I went all last week without any and was OK.  I would trick my mind each morning by having a cup of decaffeinated green tea.  Something about having a hot drink in the morning is all I need.  Today is my free day and I decided to have some coffee.  Now I am antsy and can not sit still.  Glad I get a free day, but back to no caffeine tomorrow.

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