Misleading Product Roundup: Don’t be Fooled « 100 Days of Real Food100 Days of Real Food

I have been following this blog for a bit  now.  Good information on daily foods we buy and eat.  It is so hard to buy anything these days at the store.  How many of you buy the products that 100 days of real food posted about?


Misleading Product Roundup: Don’t be Fooled « 100 Days of Real Food100 Days of Real Food.

Top 10 Food Additives To Avoid


I am so glad that I have cut out these types of food from my diet.  Have you?

Top 10 Food Additives To Avoid – Hungry For Change – HungryForChange.tv | FOODMATTERS®.

Mexican Smoked Turkey Salad

Here is the link to the other new recipe I am trying out this week.

Mexican Smoked Turkey Salad.

Protein-Packed Baked Potato

Instead of having just a baked potato and chicken last nigh for dinner I decided to make this.  Got the recipe for the Body for Life website.

Protein-Packed Baked Potato.

Menu for Today

  • Breakfast – cereal
  • Snack – cottage cheese
  • Lunch – spaghetti
  • Snack – shake
  • Dinner – chicken, baked potato, veggies
  • Menu for Today

    • Breakfast – Oatmeal
    • Snack – Cottage Cheese
    • Lunch – Ham and Turkey sandwich, broccoli
    • Snack – Protein shake
    • Dinner – Grilled Salmon, brown rice

    Now I am off to go shopping for food for next week.  Going to try one new recipe, Mexican Smoked Turkey Salad.  Hopefully it is good.

    Menu for today

  • Breakfast – cereal
  • Snack – banana and yogurt
  • Lunch – steak, veggies and black beans
  • Snack – protein shake
  • Dinner – hamburger with wheat bun and broccoli
  • Menu for the day

    Breakfast – oatmeal

    Snack – banana and yogurt

    Lunch – ham and turkey sandwich on wheat bread. Cucumber slices.

    Snack – protein shake

    Dinner – steak, sauté onions, mushrooms and green peppers, black beans

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