Letter from Netflix Today

I got an email message from Reed Hastings from Netflix today stating that he messed up and was apologizing.  Something about the change in the price structure of DVDs and the online streaming of movies.  I guess I really have not been following Netflix in the news to much and have not had any of my friends complain about them so I did not know there was an issue.  I subscribe to the online streaming and for $8 bucks a month I can not complain.  After reading his letter, which I hope he wrote, Netflix needs to do what they need to do.  If they are doing this in best interest of the customer and what is right for the customer then kudos to them.  Now if this change is just a way for them to make more money and are screwing the customer over, it will come back them down the road and bite them in the ass.  I hope Reed and his team are making the right decision for the customer.

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