Waldo Canyon Wildfire Decision Support Information

I just found another resource for information on the Waldo Canyon fire.  It has information about the fire, weather, emergency assistance and the media that is covering the fire.



Waldo Canyon Fire

Waldo Canyon Fire

Most recent map that has been released of the area that the Waldo Canyon fire has burned.

Waldo Canyon Fire

On the way to work today I looked out to the west at the Waldo Canyon fire and it is almost like it is gone.  I am sure that it is due to the amount of destruction it has already done.  I could see one plume of smoke that was just south west of the Air Force Academy.  There is still smoke in the air, but it is not as bad as what it has been the past few days.  However I know that at any minute this thing could erupt again and take off.

I will continue today to post information about the fire.  Stay tuned and please pass the information I post along so everyone can stay informed and can continue to stay safe.

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