Have you checked out eBay today?

Do a quick search on Twinkies on eBay and what do you get?  People buying Twinkies in bulk for inflated prices!!!!  Let me tell you this, we are all better off with Hostess going out of business.  So many Americans are obese and have diabetes because of this company.  My challenge to you today, eat something healthy and start healing your body.

Hostess may shut down

The buzz on the street today is that Hostess may be shutting down.  This is not good for the economy as we will have more workers that are unemployed. However I can not tell  you the last time I ate a hostess cupcake or twinkie. Have you ever read the ingredients in these things?  Not a good snack to be eating or feeding to your kids.  When is the last time you ate one of these snacks?  I know I will not be missing them.

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