You Won’t Believe Where Silly Putty Is Hiding In Your Food

No comment needed, title says it all!!!  Please read.

You Won’t Believe Where Silly Putty Is Hiding In Your Food.

Real Food Tips: 5 Easy Changes for 2013

I could not agree more with this post.  I 100% agree with number 5.  I have it so ingrained into the kids heads that fast food is bad for them.  We drive by any  Taco Bell and they yell out, “NO TACO BELL”!!!

Real Food Tips: 5 Easy Changes for 2013 – 100 Days of Real Food.

Mom vs Fast Food — The Healthy Home Economist

I just cut my kids off from fast food, but Sarah does have a good point in this video when teaching kids at a young age.

Video: Mom vs Fast Food — The Healthy Home Economist.

Horrified ‘Undercover Boss’ shuts down restaurant

I am not a fan of fast food but I am a fan of people that take care of there employees.  This CEO does the right thing, by shutting down his restaurant  for the night and reopens the next day with a new management.  The Clicker – Horrified ‘Undercover Boss’ shuts down restaurant.

Just Watched Food, Inc.

Today was the first time I have ever shopped at Whole Foods.  I bought some grass fed ground beef, grass fed top sirloin steak, and organic decaf coffee.  Maybe it was this trip to Whole Foods that led me to watching Food, Inc.  All I can say is wow!!!  Here is a link to the site. I suggest that you watch this and become aware.

I have already cut certain things out of my diet and I am sure glad I have.  One of them is fast food.  How did I go so many years eating that crap?  After watching this movie I am also no longer buying certain brands from the grocery store and I will be looking for locally grown/raised items.

What have you done to start eating healthy and live a healthy lifestyle?

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